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Susana Sorí standing in front of her fine art. Image is copyright, 2013 by Susana Sorí




My life, like my art, has always followed the energy and source of transformation. By doing it. By becoming it. By allowing my inner metamorphosis to become art, I create. That is the courage of creating.

Immersing myself fully in eastern and native spiritual traditions has deeply influenced my art. The artist, healer, and mystic are rooted in the same source, and for that, I am grateful.

We are living in challenging times. The value of art to bring us back to our humanity and remind us of the flow of timelessness, matters. Today, more than ever, I seek to inspire that inner connection, to hold the space that hints at the energetic metamorphosis within the viewer.

- Sorí





Sorí brings to her art her personal journey and direct experience of the connection between Art, Spirit, and Healing.

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