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Free Standing Sculptures
by Susana Sori  

Earthing Spirit. Free Standing Sculpture. Fine Art by Sorí

Earthing Spirit

Free standing sculpture from The Protectors circle of figures, which are part of the sculptural installation of 27 figures entitled, A Gathering.


39 x 76 x 20 in. (99 x 193 x 51 cm)


 Woods, clay, metals, glass, oil-based paints and varnishes, feathers, plastics, earth. Collection of the artist.  


Photos from artist's solo exhibit entitled: SORI - The Spontaneous Expression of Energy: A Gallery of Drawings, Lithographs and Recent Sculptures.


One Brickell Square Gallery, Miami FL

Photo credits: Roman Oleh Yaworsky

Earthing Spirit. Free Standing Sculpture. Fine Art by Sorí. Image copyright 2013 by Susana Sori

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