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Wall Mounted Sculptures  
by Susana Sori

Artist’s Thoughts, Plate, Wall Mounted Sculpture by Sori



Artist's Thoughts

18 dia.x 2
½ in.(45¾  x 6½ cm)
Clay, color pigments and gold inlays.

Collection of the artist.







Artist's Thoughts, Plate, Wall Mounted Sculpture by Sori, copyright 2013 by Susana Sori

(Artist wrote her thoughts on top of plate)
Thoughts:  1. A plate made of clay is not other than clay. The form of the plate has no independent existence. What then is a plate? An appearance. The form of the plate can never be perceived apart from the clay. What then is the plate? Merely an invented name. The Reality is the clay itself.

(on bottom of plate)
2. Just as the plate or clay form is nothing but clay, so the whole universe, born Pure Consciousness, essentially Pure Consciousness, is Pure Consciousness only, for there is nothing else beyond that creative pulsation, that constant vibration, that throb. It is the inner most Self, the Witness, the ceaseless joy.

(at center of plate)
Know then that everything is made of Light. That there are suns burning in our own bodies at the heart of every atom. Seeing this Light pulsating within all creation, all separations dissolve and the purpose of life is fulfilled.


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