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Art and Energy Healing


"The key to art and understanding art is to understand that it comes from our core, spirit and soul.
All the peoples of the world, all the indigenous traditions, all of the great art has come from the inner source in people. In fact, for thousands of years art was a vehicle to reconnect people to that place. In modern times, we have forgotten this, yet the great movements in art have been a reconnection to this source."

                                                                                                                                              - Sorí


Selected Lectures & Professorships in Art


2008 One Brickell Square Gallery at Grubb & Ellis, Inc. Miami, FL
April Lecture Series: My Life, My Art; Being in the Present Moment; Following the Inner Prompting.
1989 Florida International University, Miami FL. Visiting Artist, Adjunct Professor, Figure Drawing Courses, beginners to advanced.
1988 University of Florida Center for Latin American Studies, Gainesville FL
Lecture: Following the Inner Prompting, February 27
1988 Main Library Auditorium - Metro Dade Cultural Center, Miami FL
Four Artist Panel Member, Discussion: Printmaking, a Social Process
Moderator: Dr. Paula Harper, Associate Professor of Art History, University of Miami FL
1987 Cuban Museum of Art and Culture, Miami FL
Lecture: Symbolisms and Levels of Experience
1987 Museum of the Art Institute of Chicago, Junior Museum. Draw With Me, July.

Selected Lectures & Professorships in Energy Healing

2010-2021 Lectures and Trainings: Living Consciously, Dying Consciously. Various Locations
2007 Miami Life Center, Miami FL
Lectures: The Energy World of the Shaman; 2012-The Odyssey
2007 The Lotus Room, South Miami FL
Lecture: 2012-The Odyssey; One-day Workshop: The Energetics of Protection
2006 Hanson Holistic Center, South Shore Boston MA
One day event: Lectures & Ceremonies: The Energetics of Protection
2005 Oleta River State Park, North Miami FL
One day event: Lectures & Earth Ceremonies for Gratitude & Intentions
1998 Spain: Five City Tour – Madrid, Valencia, Jerez, Algeciras, and Valladolid.
Lectures: Energetic Healing and Creativity. By invitation of HR Association, Spain
1996 Teaching Tour – 5-weeks in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne in Australia and also to Honolulu, Hawaii. Sponsored by SYDA Foundation, NY
1996 Mexico, Spain, Poland, England. Official yoga teacher and trainer for the 1996 Global Tour, Mahayatra Tour. Sponsored by the SYDA Foundation, NY.
1993-96 Global Satellite Programs, teaching yoga and training others that skill. Sponsored by the SYDA Foundation, NY.
1994 My Body, My Temple – Presented 2-day motivational event in Miami, FL. Sponsored by SYDA Foundation, NY.
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