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About Sorí’s work:


 "The drawings embody the energy that created them, but they are simultaneously essential symbols for a kind of 'physiochemical energy, and 'portraits' of the energy itself. The science is a medieval one, not unlike alchemy."

Robert Sindelir, Art Historian 


"I consider the work of Susana Sorí, metaphysician and esoteric artist, excellent in its expression of a truly unique theme: energy in movement…specially unique within the sculptural world and expressed with great mastery. Susana is concerned with the action of Creative Energy…This theme in sculpture is a great achievement won by her alone.”

Thomás Sanchéz, Painter 


"In an age in which the work of many artists depicts darkness, Susana Sori's sculpture is the embodiment of light and energy… Sorí stresses that all life is in motion…Her work shows craftsmanship, but beyond that, it expresses energy and ethereal forces that span cultural barriers.”

Anne Barclay Morgan, Sculpture International, Art Review, Vol. 7, No. 3, pp.32-33. 


 “As an artist, Susana Sorí explores things that will perhaps one day be understood through the laws of physics but can be understood now by all those with the serenity, openness and selflessness to see inside themselves and everything around them.”

Gulio V. Blanc, Art Historian 1920-1995 


“Susana is a superb craftsperson, capable of communicating and sharing her joy and deeply inspired vision of life and its infinite possibilities. She knows her mediums and tools, and she is fearless in her pursuit of expressing, what to many, would be inexpressible. Susana never takes the easy way out in her art; as in life, she finds the courage and means to manifest her subtlest inner, and inspired perceptions.

-- Leonard H. Saphier, SYDA Foundation Director of Special Project


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