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Selected Publications about Sorí


2013 O'Connor, Mallory. Curator, The Quest for the Fountain of Youth, Thomas Center Gallery Catalogue Raisonné
2010 O'Connor, Mallory. Chief Curator, FORUM: The Florida Humanities Council Magazine, The Art and Soul of Florida, Vol. 34, No. 3, p.26
2009 Mendoza, Alexis. Writer, New York City, Reflections: The Sensationalism of the Art from Cuba, Vol. 1 (Book), Wasteland Press, Shelbyville, KY.


Memoria: Cuban Art of the 20th Century (Book), California/International Arts Foundation, Los Angeles CA pp 340-341


Outside Cuba / Fuera de Cuba (Book), Publishers: Rutgers State University of NJ

and Miami University FL pp.54, 78, 286 289


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Sindelir, Robert J. Art Historian, Miami, Sorí: Between the Seer and the Seen, Thomas Center Gallery Catalogue Raisonné


The Museum of the Art Institute of Chicago, Catalogue Raisonné,

Recent Developments in Latin American Drawings, pp.7, 60


Gómez Sicre, José. Art Historian, Washington D.C., Art of Cuba in Exile (Book), Munder Publishing, Miami FL pp.150 152


Marsáns, Luis Felípe. Art Critic, Diario Las Américas, Sorí Constructs Sculpture for Morocco, January 1


Kohen, Helen. Art Editor, ARTnews, New York, The Southeast, February Issue p.114

Video Files about Sorí


University of Florida, Gainesville FL, Center for Latin American Studies File: Educational television, Interview of artist Sorí, January 17, video on file. 


Center of Contemporary Arts/COCA, Miami FL, Of the Sacred Fire Sculptural Installation, in progress and installed at Collaborations Exhibit, covers 1988-1989, Video on file.


The Art Institute of Chicago and the Hispanic Image Foundation, Chicago IL, Sorí Interview by Ricardo Pau Llosa, Art Historian, July 18, video on file. 


Museum of the Art Institute of Chicago, Sorí is filmed creating a drawing from start to finish, July 14, video on file.


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